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Creating a widget

ETemplate components are LitElements that are wrapped with our Et2Widget mixin, which adds properties and methods to support loading from our template files and returning values to the server. They should be (relatively) stand-alone.

Common components are in api/js/etemplate/. You can add application specific components in <appname>/js/.

Create the files


You should have automatic tests to verify your component and avoid regressions in test/.

Get it loaded

To have EGroupware load your component, it must be included somewhere. Add your component to the import block at the top of /api/js/etemplate/etemplate2.js. If you have an application specific component, include at the top of your app.js.

import './MyWidget/MyWidget.ts';

Load and return

Components do not need to have a value, but if they do you need to extend Et2InputWidget instead of just Et2Widget. We use set_value() the initial load from the template. When the etemplate is submitted, we’ll return widget.getValue().
widget.value is the normal way to access the widget’s value programmatically, the other methods add some additional checking.
If the widget is readonly or disabled, it won’t return value and widget.value is not called when submitting.

AJAX data